Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness… or is it?
Tennis can be a lonely sport when competing. It’s just you, on your own, at the battleline, about to spring forward.
How you treat this moment can have a massive effect on what happens next, especially if you’ve found yourself on the backfoot in the match.
You might find that frustration sets in… You start to put yourself down and tell yourself how badly you are doing… questioning why you even play tennis at all.
By switching up your self-talk you can shift momentum and regain control of your mental game which in turn can change up your main game.
Rather than letting the voice in your head dig at you-“What is wrong with me? My serve is crap. I can’t win a set. I’m so bad. I’m never playing tennis again”- try a different strategy!
Did you know that the Latin for breath is SPIRITUS?
Taking a few deep breaths, bouncing on the balls of your feet, playing with your strings, and telling yourself, “Right here, right NOW!” can change your focus to what is important, and actively affect your WILL for moving into your next point.
Try it 🤟