About Us

Simon Harper, with over 25 years of international experience, is a highly-respected coach and motivator. Simon’s passion and understanding for all aspects of the game create an atmosphere of right here, right now for players from novice to national level.

Joe McCarthy, as an internationally recognised high-performance coach, has so far notched up 10 years under his belt working with nationally ranked juniors in WA. Joe’s understanding of the American College Pathway has led to our programme being the most comprehensive for your performance player.

Aubrey Hingston is our Head Coach. He holds a Junior Development Coaching qualification with Tennis Australia and plays high-level TW League. Aubrey is a very popular member of our team who has been with us for four years.

Angie Harper, Simon’s wife, has a background in child development and advertising, marketing, and promotion. Her experience provides the backroom business operations support and first point of client contact that keeps our team running smoothly. Call or email Angie with any enquiries.

Our team, James Campbell, Connor & Lucy Jenkins and Zac Harper are a dedicated, passionate young group of coaches and trainers. Lessons and spar sessions are available with ALL our coaches.