Terms, Conditions & Policies

Please read carefully as attendance implies understanding and acceptance of the following:

PRIVATE LESSONS: Your private lesson has been reserved for you based on receiving payment in full, therefore limiting availability for other enquiring players. Should you fail to advise your coach via email or SMS that you will be absent for a scheduled lesson, you may be billed for the full cost of the missed lesson. Please note without prior notification your coach is unable to fill this lesson time, therefore, a minimum of 12-hour notification of lesson absence is appreciated. Should you be unable to attend a lesson we reserve the right to offer an alternative time in lieu.

REFUNDS: No refunds will be given for non-attendance at group lessons due to minor illness or social commitments. A refund or credit may be offered if you have a valid medical reason which prevents you/your child from attending three or more classes in a row. In the case of illness, notice needs to be given before the time of your lesson. All notifications are to be done by emailing info@sharpertennis.com.au

ADVERSE WEATHER: If lessons are weather-affected, you will receive an email and SMS text message informing you of the reason. If you do not receive message lessons will be conducted at the usual class time. We will use the contact information YOU have provided us with. The coaching team makes every effort for lessons to run as scheduled, therefore 30 minutes’ notice of cancellation is given IF possible. Sharper Tennis reserves the right to offer make-up group sessions at an alternative day/time to students’ usual classes and will be offered in the remaining free weeks at the end of the term. If students do not or are unable to attend, they will be forfeited.

EXTREME HEAT: As outlined in the Tennis Australia Heat Policy, sessions will be canceled if at the following temperatures ONE HOUR prior to the session commencing:

  • 36C for Juniors
  • 38C for Seniors

Please ensure that light loose-fitting clothing is worn- light in both colour and weight and ensure that a 30+ sunscreen is applied BEFORE a session to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Wear a hat, cap, or visor- broad-brimmed is preferred. Please bring a water bottle.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:  There will be no squads held on public holidays unless otherwise notified however squads WILL go ahead on the Saturday of a long weekend except for Easter. Private lessons may be available on public holidays subject to coach availability.

CHILD SAFETY: At Sharper Tennis, we take our safeguarding obligations to children seriously. Sharper Tennis is committed to providing a safe environment for all children and young people. We work hard to ensure that our practices enable us to provide the safest environment possible for children and young people to participate in tennis activities. As a contractual condition, all our Coaches must obtain and maintain valid a Working With Children Check.

We are a coach member of Tennis Australia and uphold the Tennis Australia Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct which has been developed specifically to protect the health, safety, and well-being of all children participating in Australian tennis programs, activities, events, or services.

  • We commit to the safety and well-being of all children and young people who access any of our programs, services, or facilities.
  • We commit to providing children and young people with positive and nurturing experiences.
  • We commit to listening to children and young people and empowering them by taking their views seriously and addressing any concerns that they raise with us.
  • We commit to taking action to ensure that children and young people are protected from exploitation, abuse, or harm.
  • We commit to supporting families and communities to promote children’s healthy development and well-being.
  • We commit to further reporting any suspicious behaviour or allegations of child abuse to relevant authorities.

Please do not assume that if there are adults around that it is acceptable to leave your child at the club either alone or with others unless supervised by an adult. Our coaches cannot be responsible for your child outside of class times so please drop and collect your child promptly.

HEALTH & HYGIENE: Sharper Tennis works to ensure that we are compliant with all current WA Health guidelines and that all our Coaches are fully vaccinated.

    1. If anyone shows signs of being ill they MUST NOT play and will be asked to leave.
    2. Wash/sterilise your hands before and after you play and avoid touching your face while playing.
    3. Do not share water bottles.
    4. Cover your coughs and sneezes and dispose of any used tissue immediately.

PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS / VIDEOS: We like to use photos of real people and community members using our services so please be aware that coaching staff may take photos/videos of players to be used for promotional purposes e.g. website /marketing flyers /ST Facebook group page. If you do NOT wish your child to partake in photos/videos, please notify the coaching staff in writing. If not, Sharper Tennis will assume you have no objections.

PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Sharper Tennis only collects names, dates of birth, emergency contact number, and medical information that YOU feel is relevant for the time your player is in our care. This information is held on our database and may be used to inform you of relevant tennis events and services offered by us, UWA Tennis Club, Tennis West, or Tennis Australia. Sharper Tennis will at no time disclose your personal information to any companies. We DO NOT hold any banking details.

Please notify us if you do not wish to receive any promotions or offers by email to info@sharpertennis.com.au

COMPLAINT CONTACTS: We take every matter and issue seriously, no matter how small, no matter who they are directed, and commit to responding to all complaints promptly and taking all the necessary steps to resolve any issue in a timely manner.

Last updated 7th June 2022. Sharper Tennis may update this policy from time to time.